Gatelock Van Large – Container

Container protection padlock

GATELOCK VAN LARGE CONTAINER series is installed on container doors using steel pins and external reinforcement plates to grant a superlative level of security against burglary. Thanks to the spacers supplied with the kit, the padlock can be installed on any type of metal structure; Furthermore, and for a better sealing of the system, the external plates are made in such a way as to compensate for potential deformations of the container sheet due to high temperatures. This series is equipped with: external plates for fixing the padlock, steel spacers to avoid any deformation of the sheet during installation and certified security key impossible to counterfeit.

Application on container

Mechanical configuration

The GVL Container series padlock is supplied in the mechanical configuration. Thanks to the Netoma® security cylinder positioned inside the padlock, opening will be possible using one of the 3 supplied keys. Following the goods loading and unloading operations, simply reposition the padlock to hook it and permanently protect the container