Gatelock Van Medium

The original Van Lock

GVM is the most versatile of the range thanks to its safety level and special accessories that simplify installation. Indestructible and unassailable, GVM is permanently applied to the vehicle doors and is equipped with automatic closing to facilitate loading and unloading operations. In addition, an emergency opening cable has been provided to be installed inside the loading area in case of any need. All versions of GVM use a hook locking system with certified high security cilinder.

To be installed on vans up to 3,5 tons

Certified safety cylinder

The opening key of the GATELOCK VAN SMALL padlock has been patented by Block Shaft® and certified by the Giordano institute according to the European standard UNI EN1303, reaching the highest level of security based on the number of combinations and resistance to use with multiple of 100,000 cycles.





GATELOCK VAN MEDIUM has been certified by the SOLD SECURE institute in the United Kingdom. The lock has achieved the GOLD resistance level, the highest in the category.

GATELOCK VAN MEDIUM fulfills the safety requirements required by the Tapa Emea organization for TSR-transport certification.

Slamlocking operation

GVM – Courier

Slamlocking & Deadlocking operation

GVM – Pro



Bulkhead door

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