Gatelock Van Medium – Pro

Protection Padlock for Vans

It can be installed on the rear and side doors of any van vehicle using anti-burglary pins and steel counterplates to grant a superlative level of security. Designed for those who want the top of the range, this series is equipped with: Quick fixing kit, resistant fixing kit and emergency opening with sheathed cable and anti-tampering system.

In the GVM PRO model there is an anti-dust cap, this is a protection to the lock that prevents, in daily use, the formation of impurities inside the cylinder that could compromise its correct functioning. A vertically sliding door, fixed inside the cap and equipped with a peg that facilitates key insertion, ensures the lock is isolated from atmospheric agents. Solution suitable for vehicles operating in extreme climatic conditions or in the presence of snow, mud, etc.


Application on vans up to 3,5 tons.

Mechanical Configuration

GVM padlocks are supplied in the mechanical configuration. Thanks to the Netoma® security cylinder positioned inside the padlock, opening will be possible using one of the 3 supplied keys. Following the operations of loading and unloading goods, the padlock closes automatically just by pushing the doors.

Electronic configuration

GVM padlocks are designed to work through an electrification kit made up of a control unit and a motor (automotive class). Through a radio control or transponder, this upgrade allows remote management of the entire system without the need to use the mechanical key, supplied in any case for any emergency. This version can be interfaced with any GPS system.