Accessories for GVM & GVL

Gatelock Van®

Manual or Automatic operation (deadlocking use)

The GATELOCK VAN can be also used in MANUAL version, this means that the lock remains open while delivering and is closed when the driver decide it. If the key is removed from the lock before opening the door, the lock will remain open and the doors will be free to open at any time (MANUAL operation). If the key is removed from the lock after opening the door, the lock will be prepared to engage automatically after closing (AUTOMATIC operation). The driver can decide whether to use the MANUAL or AUTOMATIC version based on the level of protection that the vehicle needs according to the area of operation.

Electric Kit (GPS Interface)

The GVM lock is designed to be driven by an electrification kit consisting of a control unit and a motor (automotive class).
Through a radio control or transponder, this upgrade allows remote operation of the entire system without using the mechanical key * (*: emergency).
The version in question can be interfaced with any GPS system present on the vehicle or installed simultaneously.

Anti-Dust Cap

The dust cap upgrade is available for the Light and Courier versions. This is a lock protection that prevents the formation of impurities inside the cylinder that could compromise its correct operation. A vertical sliding door, fixed inside the cap and provided with a peg that facilitates key insertion, guarantees the lock’s isolation from atmospheric agents. Solution suitable for vehicles operating in extreme climatic conditions or in the presence of snow, mud, etc.

GVL – eXtra

The GatelockVan Large in the eXtra version has the same features as the standard series and also shows excellent performance in cutting resistance with disc power tools.

Its resistance is linked to the integration in its body of 5 carbide bars (tungsten carbide used for metal chip removal tools) with a diameter of 8mm and a length of 40mm.
They are positioned in various lower strategic directions.

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